Complain! Namibian Minister tells customers

Sometimes, just sometimes complaining can be a very good thing!

With specific regards to the area of customer service, a customer’s complaint basically refers to an expression of dissatisfaction on a customer’s behalf to a responsible party (usually the service provider; but this could also be a lobby organisation).

All things being equal, the service provider in question should always take customer complaints positively.

Customer service writer and expert Ron Kaufman says customer complaints can be good for you and constructive for any organization in three major ways, namely:

Customer complaints highlight key areas where your product needs improving, your systems need updating or your service needs upgrading.

Customer complaints can identify staff members who need more training, a refresher course, or closer supervision.

Customer complaints help you monitor service levels and consistency between shifts, departments, locations and teams.

That is perhaps why Nambia’s Minister of Environment and Tourism Pohamba Shifeta wants customers to be a little bit more proactive.

“Take video cameras, and record any of these wrongdoings. Some of these employees do not know what they are doing, and that the consequences of their actions will damage the reputation of the establishment.

“If the owner sees the recording, perhaps they can do something and offer training to their people,” said Minister Shifeta during an engagement with the country’s tourism players last August.

And perhaps he is absolutely right.

Because for a country like Namibia, where the tourism sector is one of the main anchors of the economy, a bad service by tourism players had much wider implications.

It means, for instance, that poor service affects the tourism industry and causes direct revenue losses for Namibia.

“If the business fails, you all lose. Customer care should not be neglected. Take it seriously if you want to remain in business.“Our appearance, attitudes, approachability of the waitresses, officials and management will bring tourists back to Namibia, and they will tell others about their good experiences, which will result in more tourists and more revenue for the country,” said the Minister.

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