Correlation between ‘brands’ and good customer service: The Dangote example

For something to be called a ‘brand’, it basically means it has stood the test of time. But more importantly, it follows that the ‘brand’ has emerged from consistently very good customer service, customer experience and/or consumer satisfaction.

Experts say ‘keep it consistent and you’ll have customers hooked on your brand!’

Nigeria’s Dangote was recognised as the most valuable brand among the top 50 brands in Nigeria.

It’s a sign that Dangote has as its bedrock, excellent customer service and customer experiences, which results in the group developing close ties with its customers.

The latest award, which came at the end of 2019, just over 3 months after the Dangote brand was adjudged the most admired brand of African origin by Consumers in  brand rating coordinated by South African based Brand Leadership in conjunction with Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE).

Brand Nigeria, the Agency that coordinated the survey in Nigeria, in its report lauded the efforts of the handlers of the Dangote Brand because this was the first time a Nigerian brand would be achieving the feat since 2013.

According to Taiwo Oluboyede, the Head of Brand Nigeria, the top 50 brands in Nigeria are the brands that have succeeded in delivering their promises to the consumers.

“They are fast growing in value and they are the drivers of our economy. The top brands this year are those that have been able to analyse needs, see opportunities by creating solutions to them and communicating same to the consumers.

“They have also become so good at it that the consumers often refer to them with the name of the need they meet that is their products or services. These brands have found how to deliver something special often times.”

Giving insights into how the evaluation of the top 50 brands was carried out, Oluboyede said:

“We used the Brand Strength Model (BSM index). It is a model that measures a brand’s ability to deliver on its promise to the consumers from the consumer’s point of view. The model uses basic qualitative elements and there are seven variables that go into the BSM model”.

The variables start with a test of people’s knowledge and affinity with the brands operational in Nigeria.  A top on the mind survey where people mentioned brands that easily came to their minds or brands they could easily recall was conducted.

“Other variables in the model are innovation-this is to test how innovative a brand service delivery is; Quality-this checks some factors that enhance consumer’s confidence in product delivery; Category Leadership-t his is a classification of brands within their industry; Online engagements-this checks how active the brand’s online platforms are and how engaging it has been from last evaluation; National Spread-this checks operational presence of a brand across the country.”

Chief Corporate Communication Officer of the Dangote Group, Anthony Chiejina said the management was not surprised at the ranking because the company has continuously deepened and delivered on its core values is to be a world-class enterprise that is passionate about the quality of life of the people and giving high returns to stakeholders.

“And this philosophy is driven by values, which include customer service, entrepreneurship, excellence and leadership. In any of our subsidiaries, the focus is to provide local, value-added products and services that meet the ‘basic needs’ of the populace. 

Through the construction and operation of large scale manufacturing facilities in Nigeria and across Africa, the Group is focused on building local manufacturing capacity to generate employment, prevent capital flight and provide locally produced goods for the people.“The expansion of our business especially the Cement which has operations in 14 African countries including Nigeria, Benin, Ghana, Senegal, South Africa and Zambia, among others has added to popularity of our company and the products,” said Mr. Chiejina.

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